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4 Compelling Reasons to Move During Winter in Chicago

Thinking about making a move to downtown Chicago? Winter might just be the perfect time to do it! While the colder months may seem unconventional for relocating, there are several compelling reasons why winter can be an ideal time to make your move. In this blog post, we'll explore four top reasons why you should consider moving during winter in Chicago.

1. Cost Savings and Better Rates: Winter brings a significant advantage for budget-conscious renters. During this season, apartment communities typically offer lower rental rates compared to the bustling summer months. You can expect to save anywhere from 10% to 20% on your monthly rent, making Chicago's urban living more affordable.

With the extra cash in your pocket, you can splurge on furnishing your new apartment, exploring the city's vibrant dining scene, or simply enjoy the savings. If you're looking to make a cost-effective move to Chicago, winter is the time to seize the opportunity.

2. Generous Concessions and Incentives: Another compelling reason to move during winter in Chicago is the abundance of concessions and incentives offered by apartment buildings. These perks can make your move even more enticing and rewarding. Some common concessions include:

  • Up to 2 months of free rent

  • Complimentary parking spaces

  • Generous gift cards, sometimes up to $2,000

  • Waived administrative fees

  • Pet fee waivers and more!

Imagine the thrill of moving into your new apartment with two months of free rent or receiving a substantial gift card to decorate your space. Winter is the season of giving, and many apartment communities are eager to sweeten the deal for new residents.

3. Convenient Property Tours: Searching for your dream apartment becomes a breeze during winter in Chicago. With fewer renters actively looking for housing during this season, scheduling property tours becomes remarkably convenient. At Chicago's Best Rentals, we can often arrange same-day or next-day tours for our clients, providing you with the flexibility to explore various options at your own pace.

Enjoy unhurried property visits, envision your new life in the city, and make informed decisions without the rush or competition you might face during the busy summer months. Winter's tranquility can be a great advantage in finding the perfect apartment.

4. Affordable and Motivated Moving Services: Last but not least, winter can be an excellent time to secure cost-effective moving services. Moving companies are often more motivated to reduce rates and offer attractive deals during the off-peak season. This means you can save money on your relocation while benefiting from professional and efficient services.

Moving during winter in Chicago offers a unique set of advantages that can make your transition to the city's vibrant downtown area a delightful experience. From the financial benefits of lower rates and generous concessions to the convenience of property tours and affordable moving services, winter presents an excellent opportunity to find your ideal apartment.

At Chicago's Best Rentals, we're here to assist you in making the most of this winter season. Don't miss out on the fantastic opportunities available right now. Contact us today, and let's embark on the journey to find your perfect winter home in downtown Chicago!

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